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Mega Antioxidant and Chelated Mineral make up USANA’s Essentials™. Together, they have repeatedly been given top rankings in the NutriSearch Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements. 
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USANA Healthpak

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USANA makes it convenient to stay on schedule with pre-packed daily AM and PM doses of the Essentials supplements together with our Active Calcium and AO Booster a powerful dose of antioxidants. HealthPak is designed to provide a balance of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to support the entire body.
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USANA Optimizers

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USANA understands that each of us has a unique health profile and nutritional needs. For this reason, we've created the USANA Optimizers, an extensive selection of state-of-the-art nutritional products that enable you to customize our nutritional program to meet your individual needs.
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USANA Digestion & Detox

Good digestion provides our body with the foundation for true health. If we're not healthy in our gut, the probability of health issues throughout our body increases. Help maintain a healthy digestive system with USANA's Digestion/Detox products.

Keep your digestion on the right track with a variety of USANA digestive products. USANA Probiotic: Two specific strains of probiotic bacteria delivered in a mildly sweet powder to support the digestive system. USANA Digestive Enzyme: High-quality digestive enzyme designed to aid the breakdown of food for optimal macronutrient availability. Hepasil DTX: A comprehensive liver support formula that supports and balances the body's detoxification processes. Fibergy Plus: A high-fiber blend that helps support a healthy digestive system.

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USANA Health Sciences is known for manufacturing the highest quality products backed by a potency guarantee. To ensure you and your family are receiving genuine world-class USANA products, purchase them only through your independent USANA Associate or
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